From 1 April to Thanksgiving: Walk around the monuments on your own.

Entrance fee (posted) is on the Honor System with cash box at entrance.

From Thanksgiving through 31 March: Tours are available,

The Museum Store is open daily from 10 am to 5 pm


Extract from Official Tour given at the Museum of History in Granite to all visitors:

" The Garden of Felicity ® is far more than the lawn, the trees and the beautiful view of the mountains. It is the sculptures of the Eiffel Tower stairs and the bronze replica in three-dimensions of Michelangelo's "Arm of God" , the gnomon of the sundial. It is the many granite monuments of history.

When standing by the Felicity Stone, the Rosetta Stone for scholars of the distant future at the center of the eight monuments of the "History of Humanity", one is surrounded by the wisdom of the ages

Only then does one realize that the vast physical Garden of Felicity ® is also a Garden of the Spirit."

We surmise that the Garden of Felicity® was a factor in having this Museum affirmed official candidate as a World Heritage Site.