The Official Center of the World

The Official Center of the World is the dot on the bronze plaque within the pyramid. The center of the world, or universe, can be anywhere. It was set by law, based upon a now popular book for children - who argues with a fairy tale? or states that Red Riding Hood wore a blue dress?

For Children of All Ages

"COE the Good Dragon at the Center of the World," now in its 6th edition, led to the 1985 law setting The Official Center of the World at the precise point inside the pyramid at Felicity, California. The French edition was described by famed critic Professor Claude Tannery as "The American Babar."

In 1989, the law was recognized by the Institut Geographique National of the Government of France.

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Historic Note: The pyramid was suggested in jest by the author's wife as he wrote the book. "It's in the desert, why not a pyramid?" As men are wont to do, he took his wife seriously . The author built the pyramid, named the town for his wife, and thereafter ran for Mayor. All in keeping with any gentleman's concept of a well-ordered universe.

To trials past
To empathy
To a halt in uncertainty
To the one, my last Felicity
Salute in immortality.

JAI (14 June 1973) Wedding toast

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